Horizontal Machining Center with Fanuc 21iMB

Suitable for high-speed machining of die cast aluminum parts, as well as near net shape, or precision steel castings for the automobile industry, office automation, medical, optical and aircraft industries. It utilizes a three-axis traveling structure with a fixed table that allows the machine to be used as a stand alone universal machine, or in flexible transfer lines. As a stand-alone machine it has a 180-degree rotary type high-speed APC equipped with a 90 degree 4th axis NC turn table at the loading pallet. In accordance with the high speed and high productivity features, a hydraulic source can be easily provided for each pallet, for quick connection to hydraulic fixtures. To assist high speed machining, coolant through the spindle is provided as a standard feature.

A 12,000 RPM wide range, 5 horsepower spindle motor provides optimum speed for high speed machining. Spindle bearing ID realizes a large size of 1.97" with high rigidity.

Quick response, heavy duty axis drives and zero clearance, no resistance linear motion guide way systems, allow all 3-axes feed rates and rapid traverse rates of 1,970 inches per minute. Feeds and travels such as these are required for optimum metal removal on near net shape and non-ferrous parts.

4.0 second chip-to-chip arm-less automatic tool change times get the cutters to the workpiece in the shortest time to allow minimum out-of-cut non-productive time.

The new 180 degree rotary pallet changer moves the pallet from the load station to the action station in only 6.9 seconds, again minimizing the out-of-cut time. The loading station also rotates to allow access to all sides of the pallet to expedite loading and unloading. The standard 0.001 degree table index time for a 90 degree index has been reduced to only 2.0 seconds.

The hydraulic, pneumatic and lubrication controls are collectively arranged in the back to realize space saving and efficient maintenance work.

Specifications Unit Standard Specifications
Axis travel X x Y x Z inch 19.68 x 11 x 13.7
Size of pallets working surface inch 15.75 x 15.75
Rotary APC changing time sec. 6.9
Minimum index angle degree 0.001
Rapid Traverse Rate (X/Y/Z) ipm X,Y, Z: 1,970
Cutting Feed Rate ipm 0.04-394
Spindle speed rpm 100-12,000
Spindle bearing diameter inch 1.9
Spindle motor HP 5/3
Type of tool shank / Pull stud type .. CAT30/P30T-1
Tool change / Magazine / Storage
/ Capacity
.. Arms less/32
Outline dimensions W x L x H inch
71.3 x 136.2 x 97.8/9,900
CNC Function .. FANUC 21iMB